Steady Diesel Cavitation

High-speed movies corresponding to figures in paper “Identification and Characterization of Steady Spray Conditions in Convergent, Single-Hole Diesel Injectors” by Mitra et al.

High-speed microscopy movie: Dual line-of-sight images of acrylic-nozzle KS-D1-025 (top and middle) and an image of the spray emerging from metal-nozzle Spray D 134 with the same back lighting (bottom), during the steady period of injection. n-dodecane with 100 bar injection pressure discharging into a chamber filled with nitrogen at 20 bar pressure. 300 K temperature.

Notice bubbles inside the nozzle corresponding to cavitation zones, as well as regions of “transparency” outside of the nozzle exit. The mixing layer formed at the nozzle exit, including affects of cavitation bubbles inside the nozzle, does not completely obscure light transmission.